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Different Bingo Games to Play: Fun Variations & Patterns


Types of bingo games to play

Different bingo patterns

Spin the balls and enjoy varied fun at Bingo Billy



Did you know that there are variations of bingo games to play? Each version offers exciting rules and varying stakes for an immersive experience.


Enjoy the classic, laid-back style of 75-ball bingo or smash multiple rounds of speed bingo. Increase the adrenaline when you join a game with unique patterns. Win by getting a full house, completing a frame, or making an arrow on your card.


There’s something for everyone at Bingo Billy. Join us as we explore the different game types and thrilling patterns you can find. 


Ready to jump into a world of fun? Let’s go.


Types of bingo games to play

Bingo is a simple, fun, and popular game worldwide. You’re most likely familiar with the classic version. Mark the numbers on your card, and fill it up to win.


There are many thrilling options, whether you’re playing at a casino or hosting bingo at-home games. They’re easy to understand, and each type has unique rules.


Let’s explore the top four bingo games and how they work.


75-ball bingo

This variation is the traditional American bingo most people know and love. You get five labeled columns on your card: B-I-N-G-O


Each letter has five rows with different number groupings below it:


  • B: 1–15

  • I: 16–30

  • N: 31–45

  • G: 46–60

  • O: 61–75


The 5x5 grid usually leaves the center space blank, giving you 24 numbers per card. The game works by marking each digit when the host draws and calls it. 


The aim is to complete a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row of five numerals. For example, you win if you get all the numbers in the “B” column. These are the traditional rules, but your game host may ask players to complete a different pattern, like a T or an X.


You call out “BINGO!” after clearing all five numbers in a predetermined pattern. This action is usually automatic in online bingo. It claims you as the winner instantly if you get the correct digits.


The 75-ball version is fun and flexible if you’re playing bingo at-home games. They’re usually fast-paced, as you only need to fill a row, column, or diagonal line with five numbers. 


Make it more interesting for your players by asking them to complete the entire card in the final round. You could even gather a large community and attempt to break the record for the largest game of bingo.


80-ball bingo

This is a UK modification of the traditional US bingo, with four columns and rows instead of five. It’s common in online casinos, with color groupings rather than letters:


  • Red: 1–20


  • Yellow: 21–40


  • Blue: 41–60


  • White: 61–80


You may come across a game where you must buy ticket strips. Each one has 16 randomized digits between one and 80. You typically buy five strips at a time. They come with individual patterns that you must match to win.


Learning how to win at bingo with 80 balls is easy. Wait for the host to call out a color-matching number and mark it on your card if you have it


Different 80-ball bingo games to play may ask for specific patterns. View the requirements on your strip and aim to complete the four-numbered goal. For example, you win by marking a vertical row or all of the red digits on your card.


90-ball bingo

This is another UK variant featuring nine columns and three rows on each card. You get 15 numbers per ticket and can buy a maximum of six cards, totaling 90 digits.


Each column has ten numbers:


  • Column one: 1–10


  • Column two: 11–20


  • Column three: 21–30


  • Column four: 31–40


  • Column five: 41–50


  • Column six: 51–60


  • Column seven: 61–70


  • Column eight: 71–80


  • Column nine: 81–90


90-ball is an exciting bingo game to play. It requires more attention but sparks high adrenaline among players. Keep track of all your tickets and don’t lose focus! 


The difference between 75- and 90-ball bingo is the host will run three rounds per game


Be the first winner by marking all the numbers in one horizontal row. The second prize goes to the player who fills two horizontal rows. The last sequence requires a full house: crossing out all the digits across your tickets. You have a higher chance of winning if you have more cards.


Speed bingo (30-ball)

This is the fastest version of bingo, as you only play with 30 balls. It’s also popular online and features a simple 3x3 grid with nine numbers per card.


Each card has three columns:


  • Column one: 1–10


  • Column two: 11–20


  • Column three: 21–30


The traditional rules apply in speed bingo. The stakes are higher, and there’s only one winner per game. You must cross off the numbers on your card to fill out all nine spaces. 


The advantage of speed bingo is you can play several games in a short amount of time. Buy a few cards, and you may have a higher chance of winning in just one hour.


Different bingo patterns



Now that you know the different bingo games to play, it’s time to explore the fun patterns you’ll encounter. Each variant may have unique rules and require you to complete a specific shape to win


Below are the top bingo patterns you could find when you join our Bingo Billy community.



Blackout bingo, also known as a coverall, is a common pattern you’ll find in many variants. You win by being the first player to get a “full house” and mark every number on your card.


Some games might increase the jackpot after a few rounds. The host will call out a specified number of balls. They’ll raise the stakes if no one wins after reaching that goal.


You may also encounter a “4x4 block” version of blackout bingo. This pattern asks you to get any 16 numbers that form a grid of four rows and four columns on your card.


Frame (outer edge)

This is a fun and simple pattern for bingo at-home games. It’s called “frame” or “outer edge.” The aim is to mark all the numbers on the top, bottom, and sides of your card to form a rectangle or square.



This bingo game requires you to create a letter pattern on your card. Some popular characters to form include:


  • Z: Fill the top row and all blocks diagonally from the top right corner to the bottom left. Then, complete the bottom row to form a “Z.”


  • E: Mark all the numbers in the first column, then the top, middle, and bottom rows.


  • L: Cross off the digits in the first column and bottom row only.


  • X: Complete both diagonal rows. Mark each digit from the top right and left corners to the bottom left and right corners to form an “X.”


  • H: Fill the first and last columns, then complete the row in the middle.


These letters vary depending on your host or the game you’re playing.



This pattern is one of the more intriguing bingo games to play. It’s slightly more complicated but makes the stakes exciting. The aim is to mark nine numbers that form an arrow on your card. It could point up, down, left, or right. 


The host may ask for a specific direction you must complete to win. Some arrow patterns may point diagonally to one of the four corners of your card.


Pyramid or triangle

This pattern also comprises nine spaces you must fill to win. Form the shape of a pyramid or triangle on your card. Mark one digit on top, followed by three, then five in each row below.


Some games will let you form the shape anywhere on your ticket. Your host may ask you to point the pyramid or triangle in a specific direction. Pay attention to the pattern; filling out other squares can make it more challenging to spot.


Wine glass

The wine glass is one of the most creative patterns you’ll encounter. It may be more challenging, but it’s a thrilling feeling when you complete it.