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Lucky Room Promotion Coming to

Bingo Lucky Room
Are you feeling lucky?  We’re about to host a great new promotion in our Lucky Room (8pm-12am ET), with four fantastic Fair N' Square games at the top of each hour and over $800 total up for grabs!
Is it your turn to win big?  As we all know, anything can happen. After all, we’re hosting this great promotion on Friday the 13th!
Here’s the schedule of TOH GAMES:
·        END OF 8PM ET: $200.00 F N' S GAME!

·        END OF 9PM ET: $200.00 F N' S GAME!

·        END OF 10PM ET: $200.00 F N' S GAME!

·        END OF 11PM ET: $200.00 F N' S GAME!

It gets even better! In the mix are the fairest games of all as 1 Card Games will be included throughout this session!
Only those who deposit on Friday the 13th gain access to this room, so there’s even better chances of winning as fewer players get to participate.  
If you’re a new player, why not give us a try on Friday?  Not only will you receive a free $30 Trial Bonus, but new depositors also get Progressive Welcome Bonuses up to 600%!
Test your luck today at!