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The Middle of the Month Party on BingoBilly

At BingoBilly, we’re always finding reasons to throw a party for our players.  It’s the middle of the month, so why not celebrate? 

Come join the festivities in our Middle of the Month Party on Sunday, May 15th where we’re packing in up to $15,000 in Jackpots, hours of High Value games, and huge bonuses to welcome new members to our bingo family.

Check out what we have in store exclusively for players who deposit this Sunday:

  1. High Value Games Room (5pm-8pm ET): We’ll get the party started with 3 hours of High Value games you won’t want to miss including lines, speed, jumping pots, high roller games and more!
  1. The Party Room (8pm-12am ET): You’ll unlock this room where you can play for huge hourly jackpots up to $15,000 at the bottom of each hour.  We’ve also thrown in a $1,000 2-part game to close out the party! Here’s the line-up:
  • END OF 8PM ET: $15,000.00 JACKPOT - $115.00 GUARANTEED
  • END OF 9PM ET: $15,000.00 JACKPOT - $115.00 GUARANTEED
  • END OF 10PM ET: $15,000.00 JACKPOT - $115.00 GUARANTEED
  • END OF 11PM ET: $1,000.00 2-PART GAME!
  1. 2016% Welcome Bonus plus $100 free trial: We’ve got some huge party favors in store for new members looking to make their first deposit on Sunday! Not only will you receive a $100 Free Trial Bonus to try us out, but we’ll also bonus your first deposit an incredible 504% and do the same on your next 3 deposits after that! All told, that’s an incredible 2016%!

  This is one party invitation you can’t afford to turn down!  Come live it up with us this Sunday in the Middle of the Month Party!