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X-Mas Celebrated All Month With $100,000.00 Christmas Party Room!

We wait all year for Christmas and then before you know it, the day comes and goes in a flash.  Well not this year on! 

Billy is throwing in special stocking stuffers every day during December, including huge jackpots and high valued games, in the $100,000 Christmas Party Room! There is $20,000 total guaranteed between the 8pm and 12am ET hours alone.

The room features the best Christmas Patterns, and special games up to $800 at just 25 cents per card. And there are more Santa gifts for you with the $5,000.00 (5-Part) Games on December 24th and 31st. We also have mystery days with special surprises behind the “?”!

Make a deposit daily to unlock the $100,000.00 Christmas Party Room each day. And if you’re new to, you also receive our free $30 Trial Bonus, and Progressive Welcome Bonuses up to 600%.

Don’t miss the $100,000.00 Christmas Party Room at!