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  • $2,000.00
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This is a party you cannot miss out this week! The May Bonus Fest brings a variety of events where you can use your bonuses to play and win big prizes!

Event Name

Slots & Video Poker Bonus Frenzy

Play Parlay Slots and Any of our Video Poker Games With Your Bonus Money All Week Long.

Cash Currency Exchange

If you run low on Bonuses You Can Exchange your Cash for Bonuses with Cash at a 50% rate ($1 Bonus = 50c Cash)

*Daily Cap: $100 bonus with $50 cash. Weekly Cap: $500 bonus or $250 cash.
Only from non–expired bonuses. Each request will be reviewed. Members without a deposit on file during May will get the exchanged at 25%: $100 bonus = $25 cash.

The $2,100.00 Bonus Fest Tournament

This is a daily tournament that resets daily at 12am ET between May 14th and 11:59pm ET on May 20th.

You will get 1 point for every $20 bonus spend on Parlay Slots, Video Poker and Bingo. Top Members of the Day Win!

Top Member: $100.00
Top 2 Runners–Up: $50.00
3rd to 6th Place: $25.00

*Personal Tracker and General Leaderboard is available from your account. Just click on BONUS TOURNEY in the game menu.
*A deposit on file during May is required to participate in the tournament. If no deposit during tournament day, winner will get half of advertised prize as bonus.

Bonus Fest Room
(Currency Exchange Room)

Open to everybody! Use your bonuses to play and win CASH prizes inside this room. Opening Daily on a special schedule from 4pm to 8pm ET.

Play Now!


If you have questions or comments about this special promotion, please contact us.



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  • Bingo Member: 1LUCKYJUDY "I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work. I am so happy to be a part of this family so thank you all. Hugs"