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September $30,000 in prizes

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September $30,000 in prizes

A New Holiday Every day this month!



September 1st – September 7th


$2,000 RV Tune Up
$5,000 Football Team Bingo

Collect ‘yards’ for your team and share in the rewards.

Score a Touchdown joining one of the 5 teams and playing daily from 9am to 11pm ET and again from 8pm to Midnight ET and share $5,000.00 in prizes!

Players winning bingo on certain ball calls related to the yardage in football collect yards for their team score.

B5 collect 5 yards

B10 10 yards

B15 collect 15 yards

I20 collect 20 yards

I25 collect 25 yards

I30 collect 30 yards

N35 collect 35 yards

N40 collect 40 yards

N45 collect 45 yards

G50 collect 50 yards

$5,000 cash split out among winners from biggest cash prize won on those games to least cash won. (Deposit on file last 7 days)

Every Friday During September


Freebie Bingo Party

All month long Free Games play every other game!

September 8th – September 16th


$15,000 GOAL POST TOH Games
$15,000.00 Goal Post Games

Super Sized Top Of Hour Games!

September 17th – September 30th


Hot Ball Touchdown Progressive
Hot Ball Touchdown Progressive

Play HOTBALL and Win! Bingo on B4 during the below times and win!

8pm–8:55pm: $250.00 Bonus

9pm–9:55pm: $350.00 Bonus

10pm–10:55pm: $400.00 Bonus

11pm–Midnight: $500.00 Bonus

If more than one person bingo’s on B4 then they share the pot equally

All month In September


Lucky Football
Lucky Football

Special patterns and win bonus rewards.

Collect as many patterns as you can.

When you have a full set as described below, send in a TT with the Game IDs and Pattern name and win…

Collect 7 any Football patterns: 75 BBS

Collect 7 BONUS pattern (Goal Post): $100.00 CASH

There is no limit on the sets of patterns you can submit in the month, but each pattern ID may only be used one time. (Deposit on file for last 7 days from the time you won the pattern)

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