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$1,000.00 New Year’s Draw

$1,000.00 NEW YEAR’S DRAW!

Kick off the New Year as a Big Winner!
The 1st time you login during January you’ll be asked to fill out a form!

  • You don’t have to deposit to qualify.

  • Just fill it out before January 30th and win 1 entry!

  • You can BUY EXTRA ENTRIES to have better chances of winning a prize or you can keep you initial entry if you don’t want or can’t buy Extra Entries.

  • You buy extra entries by making deposits between the specified dates

  • The amounts of extra entries are determined by the amount you deposit:
    • Play Now! Deposits of $25 = 2 Extra Entries!
    • Play Now! Deposits of $30 = 3 Extra Entries!
    • Play Now! Deposits of $40= 4 Extra Entries!
    • Play Now! Deposits of $50 = 5 Extra Entries!
    • Play Now! Deposits of $100 = 10 Extra Entries
    • Play Now! Deposits of $250 = 25 Extra Entries

  • We’ll also hold DAILY FREE MONEY DRAWS that will give out bonuses to all depositing members that login daily. See Daily Free Money Draws special on this page for more info.

  • On January 31st, we’ll host a Live Event on Facebook to draw the winners of the prizes, totaling $1,000.00
    • BIG RAFFLE PRIZE: $500.00
    • 2nd Raffle: $100.00
    • 3rd Raffle: $100.00
    • 4th Raffle: $100.00
    • 5th Raffle: $50.00
    • 6th Raffle: $50.00
    • 7th Raffle: $20.00
    • 8th Raffle: $20.00
    • 9th Raffle: $20.00
    • 10th Raffle: $20.00
    • 11th Raffle: $20.00

Note that we may invert the order of the raffles to draw the lower amounts first
and close the event with the Big Raffle!


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