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6-Day $4,100 Rock N’ Rolling Slots Tournament Starts Saturday

Slots Tournament

We’re awarding King-sized prizes that would make Elvis himself proud. Play your favorite parlay slots from Saturday, August 11th through Thursday, August 16th to win your share of $4,100 in prizes. You won’t even need to know the words to Viva Las Vegas to participate! 


This is six separate daily tournaments with $683.33 in prizes. You’ll earn 1 tournament point for every $20 wagered on real money parlay slots. At the end of each day, the top-10 finishers on the leaderboard will be awarded as follows:


  • 1st place - $200
  • 2nd place - $150
  • 3rd place - $100
  • 4th to 6th place - $50 each
  • 7th to 10th place - $20.83 each.


Just keep in mind that you’ll need a deposit on the day you place on the leaderboard to win the full prize as cash. If you haven’t made a deposit that day, but are still an August depositor, you’ll win half the prize amount in bonus.


Our 6-Day $4,100.00 Rock N’ Rolling Slots Tournament is just one of the many promotions happening now at New signups receive a $30 Free Trial Bonus and first-time depositors get Progressive Welcome Bonuses up to 600%.