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Get rewarded with 13 Days of Love for Mom starting May 1st

Bingo Promotion

Moms don't have to wait until Mother's Day to feel the love from We're running our 13 Days of Love for Mom promo from May 1st to 13th (Mother’s Day).

Don't miss your chance to claim 13 free gifts of up to $1,300 and participate in 13 Facebook Lives Raffles. Whether you choose to share your winnings with anyone else in your family is entirely up to you!

13 Free Gifts of up to $1,300

Log on to starting May 1st and look for the heart-shaped lock. Click on your first heart to unlock your prize. If you then make a deposit of any amount on May 1st, you can unlock the remaining 12 hearts, one each day from May 2nd - 13th. If you make your deposit on May 2nd, you can unlock the 1st free heart and then the 11 remaining from May 3rd -13th. And so on from there.    

You can win daily bonuses ranging from $1 to $1,300.  The bigger your deposits, the bigger the bonuses you’ll unlock the next day and better chances of winning the big prizes.

13 Facebook Live Raffles

When you deposit, you'll also be eligible to participate in our next Facebook Live Raffle. You'll earn 1 raffle entry for every $25 you deposit during the designated slot-times.   

Our daily Facebook Live Raffles take place at 7:30pm ET from May 1st-13th. We're awarding cash prizes from $130 to $1,300 as well as gifts like an iPad, Tiffany Pearl Earrings, convertible laptop, and vacuum cleaner. There are also Rebound Cash Raffles each day in case you didn’t win the big prize.

Paying tribute to Moms is just the beginning here at New signups can claim our $30 Free Trial Bonus and first-time depositors get Progressive Welcome Bonuses up to 600%.

Don’t miss the 13 Days of Love for Mom promo starting May 1st!