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Get soaked with money in the $1,000 Cash Shower Room

Bingo Room

Whether or not you've grown tired of what seems like non-stop April Showers, you'll want to stay inside and play bingo!

Because here at we're showering players with money in the $1,000 Cash Shower Room on Friday, April 20th from 8pm-12am ET.

Just deposit any amount on April 20th to activate this room with 4 hours of Fair N' Square games. We'll also be running four hourly $250 fixed games for a total of $1,000 in guaranteed cash. You can start pre-buying as soon as you activate this room.

Here’s the Top of Hour schedule:

•          End of 8pm ET: $250.00 Fixed Game

•          End of 9pm ET: $250.00 Fixed Game

•          End of 10pm ET: $250.00 Fixed Game

•          End of 11pm ET: $250.00 Fixed Game

Visit to learn more about our $1,000 Cash Shower Room. New signups can claim our $30 Free Trial Bonus and first-time depositors get Progressive Welcome Bonuses up to 600%.

Don’t miss the $1,000 Cash Shower Room this Friday!