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Play the 3 Day, $2,250.00 Slots Tournament on!

Slots Tournament

Your head won’t be the only thing that’s spinning during Bingo Billy’s upcoming Slots Lovers Tournament!  It will run for 3 days, from Friday, September 15th through Sunday, September 17th and guarantee $2,250 in total payouts.

The best part is, there is a separate tournament each day, so there are multiple opportunities to win if you don’t do well the first day, or don’t have time to play all three days.

You will earn points towards each daily leaderboard simply by spinning any of our Parlay Slots.  Win or lose, you’ll receive 1 Tournament Point for every $10 you wager.  The players with the most points at the end of the day will take home the top daily prizes of $250 for first, $150 for second and $100 for third. In total, the top-10 players each day will split $750.

This tourney is open to all depositing players, but to have prizes paid in full and in cash, you’ll need to deposit the day(s) you’re playing. Those who don’t have a deposit on file that day receive half the prize, paid in bonus. 

If you’re new to it gets even better! Make your first deposit this weekend and not only play for full cash prizes in the Slots Lovers Tournament, but also be eligible to receive progressive welcome bonuses up to 600%, along with a $30 trial bonus!

Don’t miss out. Join the fun and today!