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Random Bingo Generator: How Does It Work?


What are random number generators (RNGs)?

How is randomness assured in online bingo?

What is the average RTP rate of online bingo?

Bingo myths

Bingo Billy ensures fair bingo games

How to join Bingo Billy

Tips for playing online bingo

Leveling the playing field

Online bingo FAQs


May wonder if a random bingo generator is real. Yes, it is. Actually, it ensures that all online bingo games are fair and give all players a chance to win. 


Developers design the gaming algorithms in such a way that hacking is impossible. There is also no way to ensure that a particular card is more likely to win than any other. 


Let’s discover more about random number generators (RNGs) in online bingo. We’ll also explore how they affect the game outcomes. 


What are random number generators (RNGs)?

Unless playing with a live dealer, all online casino games use a random number generator (RNG). So what is an RNG in gaming?


The bingo random number generator is a complex algorithm that determines the numbers drawn. Its complexity makes it tamper-proof and impossible to hack or predict the drawn numbers. 


Each game has an RNG algorithm built into its program. When each bingo game starts, the seed number (first number drawn) starts a randomized sequence for each draw. Upon completion, the algorithm’s seed number is reset to prepare for the next game.


How is randomness assured in online bingo?

As with any licensed gambling site, Bingo Billy complies with all fairness protocols. One of these protocols is a third-party assessment from companies like eCorga. These assessments ensure that all games have a valid bingo random number generator algorithm. 


Through regular assessments, players can rest assured that all game outcomes are completely random. The collection of “balls” creates a significant stream of potential number combinations. 


Not only does a random bingo generator ensure the integrity of the game outcomes, it also builds trust. The independent RNG testing validates the credibility of


What is the average RTP rate of online bingo?

Though commonly known for its ties to slots and table games, the return to player (RTP) rate applies to bingo too. The RTP shows how much a game pays out over time. 


Many may argue that the random bingo generator and RTP could cancel each other out. In fact, the average rate for 90-ball online bingo games stands at around 80%. The estimated RTP of 75-ball games is 70–85%


Now, this doesn’t mean that you’ll win US$8 for every US$10 that you play. The RTP calculation is actually based on millions of hands. 


Keep an eye out for higher RTP rates as this means that players can win more. 


Bingo myths

There are many myths and theories floating around about online bingo. Here are the most common ones you shouldn’t fall for:

  • Bingo games follow a pattern, paying out jackpots every 3,270 plays. Since we’re exploring how random bingo games are, it’s safe to say this is a myth.


  • Only older adults enjoy playing bingo games. The rapidly increasing popularity of online bingo proves that this is certainly not true. More and more players of all age groups are finding joy in this exciting game. 


  • Online bingo isn’t safe to play. The validity of this statement depends on the platform you choose. Reputable sites, like, take significant steps to ensure the safety of players online. The site uses the latest encryption technology to keep all sensitive player data secure. 


Bingo Billy ensures fair bingo games

When joining an online bingo site, it’s vital to ensure that you’ve chosen a reputable one. So how do you know that Bingo Billy is a reputable platform worth joining?


Here’s what you can expect beyond a random bingo generator:

  • A confirmable active gaming license: The Bingo Billy site is licensed with the Government of Curaçao. This license means that the site puts player security and fair gameplay first. It also means that we use effective management systems and follow required safety protocols.


  • Bingo room variety: Each bingo game room has specific requirements to join and rules to follow. Look for sites with a variety of options to choose from. The rooms at, for example, range from free to deposit requirements according to membership levels.


  • Not just a face in the crowd: Players can join community interest groups. Some options include daily motivation, grief or loss, or even gardening. The Bingo Billy community goes beyond playing bingo and slots. It’s an extended family of loyal players. 


Players in the various communities are invested in the success of the platform as well as the fellow members. 


  • Easily accessible: While most of the bingo rooms on have specific operating hours, some are available 24/7. Be sure to check the game schedules. 


Players can also enjoy all bingo games on any mobile device. All you need is a browser and a stable internet connection. The last thing you need is a lag when marking off the random bingo numbers when they’re called. 


  • Convenient payment options: Various payment options add to the convenience of playing bingo online. Bingo Billy accepts transactions with major credit cards, Western Union, Neteller, EcoPayz, and even BitCoin. 


  • Reliable customer service: Having a customer support team that cares about player satisfaction is crucial for the overall gaming experience. At, you can connect with a representative via live chat. Alternatively, open a support ticket on the site or send an email to


  • Exciting bonuses and promotions: Online bingo bonuses are a preferred method of rewarding player loyalty and encouraging new membership. At Bingo Billy, you’ll find exciting daily promotions, free money bonuses, and other thrilling offers!


How to join Bingo Billy

Are you ready to give the random bingo generator a spin at Bingo Billy? Follow these steps to join our online bingo family.


  1. Head to to create a new player account. Provide the details as prompted and verify your account to get started. 

  2. Sign into your account and claim your welcome bonus. If you’d like to make the first deposit to your account, feel free to do so now. 

  3. From the Lobby, select the bingo room that you’d like to play in. For 24/7 access, head to the Lucky Cup Diner and Wild Penny room. Alternatively, we have a selection of rooms to choose from for depositing members. 

  4. Click on “Pick Cards” to select your game cards. Keep in mind that, by purchasing more tickets, you’ll increase your chance of winning.

  5. Once the game starts, follow the random bingo numbers and see if you win. You can also allow our intuitive software to help mark the numbers off in case you’re having trouble keeping up. 


Tips for playing online bingo

We’ve established that the random bingo generator ensures that you participate in a game of chance. By implementing a few helpful tips, you can ensure that it’s an enjoyable experience. By following these tips, you could also keep your gaming experience at Bingo Billy last longer. 


Understand the rules

With different game formats available, it’s crucial to understand the rules of each before you play. You should also ensure that you understand any rules applicable to your preferred bingo room. 


This tip prevents you from being caught unaware and helps avoid disappointments. Wager limitations, for example, may encourage responsible gambling. If you intend to wager over the limit, then it’s best to play in a different room. 


Clearly define your bankroll

In efforts to promote and exercise responsible gambling, it’s crucial to define your bankroll before playing. Your bankroll refers to the amount of money you are willing to spend on bingo games. 


The amount allocated to your bankroll should also reflect how much you’re willing to lose. If you lose, could you meet your monthly financial commitments without it? If the answer is no, you should re-evaluate your bankroll. 


We all know how online gambling really works—it’s all random. Keep this in mind when determining your bankroll total. 


Many experts also recommend that you spend 1–5% of your bankroll on bets per round. Buying more cards translates to a greater chance of winning. This calculation, however, helps you determine how many cards you can afford in a game. 


The last thing you want is to clear your bankroll in a day.


Observe the room size

While more players in a bingo room makes a more social experience, it also means a smaller chance of winning. If you can, look for rooms with fewer active players for better winning odds. 


You may also want to consider playing in the off-peak hours. Late nights and early mornings often mean fewer players. 


Join the community

Speaking of room sizes, take the opportunity to join communities and engage with other players. At Bingo Billy, we take great pride in our bustling community.


It’s a fantastic way for players, who wouldn’t have had the opportunity otherwise, to meet more people. With themed and interest-based rooms, everyone is guaranteed to connect with like-minded individuals. 


You may be competing against each other, but bingo is all about having fun!


Choose cards wisely

The “Pick Cards” feature allows you to select the specific cards you’d like to play with. We recommend that you choose these cards wisely.


Look for cards with a greater variety of numbers. When numbers are close in range, for example, they have a smaller chance of winning. 


Look for special prizes and jackpots

Look for every opportunity to play for special prizes or even progressive jackpots. While they might be more challenging to win, the reward is much greater.


Leveling the playing field

With or without a random bingo generator, the fact remains that playing comes down to luck. RNG algorithms are essential to ensuring that all players have a fair chance at winning.


Are you ready to try your hand at covering some exciting bingo cards? Head over to our different game rooms to get started. If you’d like to explore before making a deposit, try one of the free game rooms. 


We look forward to welcoming you to our network of communities. Whatever your interests are, you’ll find like-minded players to connect with. 


FAQs about random bingo online

Still have some uncertainties about how the random bingo generator works? Here are some common questions and answers to help clear things up.


Does Bingo Billy use RNGs?

Yes. Bingo Billy is licensed with the Government of Curaçao. This license means that we comply with all security, safety, and fair gameplay regulations. The games on our site meet the requirements for a fair experience for all players. 


Does the bingo RNG ensure fair gameplay?

Yes, RNGs ensure fair game play in online bingo. The algorithm creates unpredictable sequences, making it impossible to determine which number will come up next. 


What is a bingo random number generator?

The bingo random number generator refers to a complex algorithm. It is designed to randomize the numbers drawn in a bingo game. Ultimately, creating an unpredictable outcome. 


Are bingo RNGs secure?

Yes, they are. The modern security measures in place include encryption and advanced algorithms to protect against hacking.