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The Ultimate Guide for Understanding Bingo Payouts


How to calculate bingo payouts

Types of bingo payouts

Factors influencing bingo payouts

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Getting bingo payouts will make you feel like a big winner every time you play. With plenty of event challenges and promotions, excellent cashouts are at your fingertips.


The payout system is simple, and understanding it is vital for getting your winnings. The rules are different for each cashout method at online bingo sites. Knowing them is your best bet to maximize your playing experience.


We’ve created a detailed guide on bingo payouts. Join us as we explore cashouts and how they work on your favorite online platform.


How to calculate bingo payouts


Knowing how to win at bingo involves paying attention and calculating cash prizes. It also entails monitoring your bankroll carefully. 


Payouts depend on several elements, including:


  • The bingo type. The 90-ball variant is common at online sites. It usually has a higher return to player (RTP) rate of 80%. The RTP for 75-ball bingo is typically around 70%, but it can sometimes reach 85%.


  • The jackpot type. These include fixed, progressive, and community jackpots.


  • The profits of the bingo operator. They usually take 10–35% of the total payout to cover operating costs.


Bingo earnings don’t have to be confusing. There are simple calculations to ensure you understand the payout percentages, including:


  • Dividing the total prize money with the money you wagered before playing bingo.


  • Dividing the amount paid out with the number of players taking part in a bingo session. 


  • Dividing the number of sold bingo cards by the number of possible combinations to win. It gives you the percentage probability of winning a prize.


Understanding bingo return to player (RTP)

Knowing how the game objectively sets your chances of winning is essential. It helps you understand how online bingo payouts work. 


The return to player (RTP) is the standard metric for determining payouts. It shows the expected winnings over a certain period. It can also be a good starting point for achieving a bingo victory.


The determinants of RTP in bingo include:


  • The number of balls in play. 90-ball games take more time. They have a high RTP of around 80%, making them more profitable. 75-ball bingo takes less time to play but has a lower RTP of about 70%, sometimes reaching 85%.


  • The number of players. The more there are, the higher your chances of receiving a larger payout. It’s the case even when your wager is small. The downside is that your RTP may decrease as more players reduce your returns.


  • The type of bingo you play. Different games have unique RTPs depending on the variant.


  • Bingo site creators and operators. They may set their RTPs differently, determining the payouts for each game. They also tend to be lower than those of ordinary slots.


Types of bingo payouts



Bingo halls have different payouts depending on the game you play. Below are the common types you may encounter.


Fixed payout

A fixed payout is the major prize for playing most online bingo games. The amounts may vary but change little as they follow pre-set computations. The payments remain the same regardless of the number of players or the wagered cash.


Prize pool payouts

A bingo session may have multiple winners, resulting in prize pool payouts. Finishing a bingo pattern first ensures you get the maximum prize pool money. The rest goes to the players who complete other predetermined designs.


A prize pool cash typically results from total ticket sales minus the rake. For example, ticket sales of $1,000 with a rake of 20% constitute a payout of $800. The amount may fluctuate if there’s a progressive jackpot happening.


Bingo jackpot payouts

Jackpots make up the largest cash prize you win in a bingo game. Below are the three types of payouts resulting from these winnings.


Fixed jackpot

A fixed jackpot remains the same regardless of the number of times you hit a lucky combination. Players who win a fixed jackpot share the payout equally.


Progressive jackpot payout

Bingo payouts for progressive jackpots increase with each session if nobody wins. They revert to the starting amount if a player finally achieves it.


Getting a progressive jackpot ensures the highest potential returns in bingo. It may be challenging, but the rewards are worth it. Players must achieve a full house by covering all their numbers on a bingo ticket.


The earnings for progressive jackpots may reach several thousand dollars. They’re usually an accumulation of contributions over a specific period.


More significant winnings also undergo much more scrutiny. It ensures compliance with the site rules and other state regulations. The bingo operator handles the cash prizes in the following ways:


  • The staff audits the balls and tickets to ensure the legitimacy of the win.


  • ID verification is a requirement to make sure you’re not underage.


  • You usually get payouts of less than $10,000 in one lump sum. Higher amounts primarily come in installments split over several months.


Community jackpots

Community jackpots lead to all winning participants receiving a piece of the payout. Players that achieve a bingo get the largest percentage, but others still share in the pie. The bingo site may award the prize in relation to the tickets bought when there’s no clear winner.


Community jackpots are ideal for new players. They enjoy a winning streak before venturing into other bingo games.


Factors influencing bingo payouts

An online bingo room can have different payouts, even for similar games. Players may wonder how and why each session’s cash prizes differ. Several factors come into play to determine bingo payouts.


Knowing them helps you choose suitable sessions that maximize your earnings. They also help shed light on the different ways to win bingo.


Let’s look at the factors that determine bingo payouts.


Cost of bingo cards

The price set for bingo cards directly relates to the prize money. Sites rely on their sales to cover operation costs and the running jackpot. Higher ticket prices generally mean more bingo payouts.


The number of cards and players

The overall payout usually increases when people buy many bingo cards. The same is true for player numbers. Games with more participants have higher cash prizes.


Jackpot prizes depend on the active tickets from the number of players in a single session. These two factors combine to influence the payout substantially.


Tiers of the prize pool

Prize pool payouts affect your earnings in two ways:


  • There can be more than one winner, leading to prize sharing. The player who finishes a pattern before the others gets the top cash reward. Runners-up share the rest.


  • Getting a bingo guarantees you the final jackpot if there isn’t a multi-tier award. The grand prize means higher cash winnings.


It’s also important to note that there are smaller payouts when a bingo game has a progressive jackpot. A certain amount from the stake money funds the pot for the more significant final prize. 


The number of prizes

A bingo game sometimes has smaller prizes in addition to the main one. They award players for reaching specific milestones. Be the first to complete a line, outer edge, or pattern to win a supplementary reward before the grand one.


Many smaller prizes may result in a lower main payout. It’s important to check whether a game has minor awards and what your goals are. Do you want lots of little rewards or a single big cashout?


A minimum guaranteed payout

Bingo games usually have a minimum prize for winners in any session. It means you’re guaranteed to win this amount if you achieve a bingo, but there’s an option to win even more. 


The minimum guaranteed payout increases in the following situations:


  • When more participants take part in a bingo session.


  • When the ticket costs are high.


A payout limit mandated by law

States in the US and provinces of Canada have different payout limits for bingo sessions. They set a limit for your cash prizes, so it doesn’t exceed a certain amount.


Other places like Nevada and New Jersey have no limits. These states are ideal for getting maximum bingo payouts.


Limits to withdrawing

Bingo sites have different terms for withdrawing your payouts. There are limits to the funds you can access at once, especially with more significant sums.


Check the terms and conditions of a bingo site to be aware of the withdrawal conditions.


The cap limitation

Bingo sites may cap your payouts if you use free wagers, promotional cash gifts, or credits. The disadvantage is that it limits your prize money due to the restriction set to access it.


A limitation can also happen after claiming a promotion. The site may put a cap on the amount that you need to spend before withdrawing your earnings.


Wagering requirements limit your prize money, often requiring you to spend some of it. Using the money a specific number of times meets the terms to access your cash.


Always read the terms and conditions to familiarize yourself with a site’s policy. They outline specific limitations and requirements. Knowing them increases your joy while playing, without stressing about other factors.


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