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$1,000 Fair & Square Room on Wednesday, October 25th!

Bingo Room

When you were young, your parents probably told you that “not everything in life is fair”. And while that’s true, there’s one thing that definitely is, and it comes courtesy of!

On Wednesday, October 25th, we’ll have the 12-hour Fair & Square Room. It opens from 12pm ET to 12am ET and features $250 Fixed Fair & Square games at the end of the 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and 11pm ET hours. There’s also the fairest games of all, 1-card games, included throughout the session.

Only players that make a deposit on October 25th gain access to this room and you can pre-buy as soon as Wednesday begins.

Haven’t signed up yet at You’ll get a $30 Free Trial Bonus when you do. You’ll also receive incredible Progressive Welcome Bonuses that go up to 600%!

Enjoy the $1,000 Fair & Square Room this Wednesday!