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Billy puts the pedal to the metal in $100,000 Tour of America promotion

Tour of America

Move over to the slow lane as Billy speeds by you for the 2018 Tour of America promotion. It runs through August 31st and has a whopping $100,000 in prizes!

The tour already started in New York City and will finish completely across the country in Los Angeles. There are Live Events at every stop like August 9th in Kansas City that will award an electronic prize to one player ($500 minimum value).

Here’s a look at some of the other top promo games in August:

  • Tour of America Game every day in August (6am-12pm ET). Bingo on select numbers and win instant prizes on top of your game prize, plus accumulate postcards. The top monthly postcard collectors win $5 to $1,000.


  • August Power Hotball every Monday (8pm-12am ET). You can win up to $1,000 when you bingo on B1 on Top of Hour Coverall games.


  • Fender Bender every Wednesday (12pm-12am ET). You can get your Deposit Bonuses doubled when you bingo on the Car Pattern.


  • Road Kill Bingo every Wednesday (8pm-11pm ET). This awards extra bonuses when you bingo on special balls.


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