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New to BingoBilly? Then today is your lucky day.

March 11th happens to be the 11th Friday of 2016, making it the 11th Day of Luck. And we’re celebrating with lots of big bonuses for new players.

Lucky Friday

When you deposit for the first time, we’ll hand you a ticket to the Lucky Room from 8pm to 12am. You’ll want to make sure you’re inside during those four hours because one game will feature a jackpot that jumps as high as $11,000. And $1,000 is guaranteed.


You’ll also get a $100 Free Trial Bonus, yours even before you deposit when you create your free account. And when you’re ready to make a deposit, we’ve got the biggest deposit bonus in the industry.


How big? We’re talking 2016%. That’s not a typo. We’ll really match your deposit by 2016%. It’s spread among your first four deposits, divided up into 504% chunks. That’s way bigger than anything else you’ll find online.


With your cash loaded into your account, you’ll have access to special Jumping Jackpot games from 12pm to 4pm.


It all adds up to the luckiest March 11th, so don’t miss out.